How do i start a halfway house in arizona?

While free room and board may seem attractive, a transitional home in Phoenix, AZ should cost residents something. You should expect to pay rent and contribute money for utilities and food. If they tell you that you don't have to pay, or that you will be paid to live there, it's a scam. Unfortunately, fraudulent homeowners sometimes set up a “transitional house” that they then use as an insurance scam.

They don't charge you anything and then file false claims with your insurance provider to receive funds for their “care.” Most states do not require that the facility be licensed; however, local zoning laws may restrict the number of residents who can stay in a room. Research the inspections and permits you'll need before opening the transitional home. This will help you on your next step, as zoning issues can vary just a few blocks down the street. A lot of red tape, ordinances, zoning requirements, and issues related to the number of people who can live in transitional homes and the resulting increase in traffic can overwhelm the novice homeowner halfway.

Residents released from prison, jail, or rehabilitation programs require an inordinate amount of structure in their lives so that they can learn to become responsible members of both the reintegration center and the outside world.