Do sober living homes need to be licensed in arizona?

Anyone operating a facility that meets the legal definition of a sober living home must obtain an ADHS license to legally operate in Arizona. Look for a suitable home with at least 3-4 rooms Obtain all municipal and state licenses. And the judge said the association has not presented statistical evidence that household rates for sober living have a disparate impact compared to rates charged by other facilities in the group. A Prescott legislator wants to make it illegal for sober living homes and similar day treatment centers to pay for referrals, a practice he calls an insurance scam.

You can also talk to people who once had or currently have a sober living home or a transitional home in order to acquire information that is based on real-life experiences and observations. Patients are first required to go through the process of drug or alcohol detoxification before being transferred to sober living facilities, where they will reside while they finish their outpatient treatment. A new law mandates that sober homes, which provide people with a place to live while they are recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, obtain licenses and are subject to increased regulatory scrutiny from the state. These homes may only house individuals who have successfully completed an addiction treatment program. The state's initial regulations regarding halfway houses and sober living facilities entered into force in the previous year, and it is these regulations that are at the crux of the current controversy.