How do i report a body broker?

Patient brokerage is an illegal practice used by some rehabilitation centers to pay a third party to purchase patients from them. However, when the facility is at its most vulnerable state, it will mislead addicts and the families of addicts into believing that it is acting in their best interest, when in fact, they are doing it for the financial gain of the facility. This occurs even when the facility is at its strongest point. This will take place whenever the organization is in a situation where it is susceptible to risk. This takes place during a time when the addict is at a point where they are most susceptible to the adverse effects of their behavior. Moore is accused of bringing new residents into the sober living houses where he worked, which violates the terms of his employment. According to the allegations that have been made by the attorneys who are in charge of the prosecution, the sober living homes were able to submit insurance claims relating to those patients because of the activities that were taken by Moore. Moore is the defendant in this case. Moore is tasked with the responsibility of bringing new clients to the sober living facilities. Moore and a sober household employee had a conversation that was taped and later played in court about the monetary value of the "clients Moore had allegedly helped place in the facility." This conversation was later played in court. The recording was ultimately played for the judge and jury in the courtroom. The transcript of this chat is now available to anyone who is interested in reading it. The dialogue was captured on tape in order to make it available for playback at a later time.