What is a sober mindset?

The sober mentality is one in which sobriety is not a task or a challenge, but a fact of life, one that you embrace and for which you feel grateful. I've shared some of these tools in the FREE 8-day Sober Mindset Training, but the truth is that this is a lifetime's work. Create a sober mindset that empowers you in your sobriety and in every area of your life. The truth is that we all have difficulties.

Even if alcohol is no longer a thought in your mind, there are likely to be difficult areas in your life that you would like to improve. Everyone can benefit from mental work. The real work in alcohol recovery has to do with all the underlying problems we face on a day-to-day basis. If you want to improve your relationships, parenting, and career, or if you're unsure of your purpose in life, The Sober Mindset Immersion can help.

I read the full 6 steps of your lesson, and it fit perfectly with my lesson plan in a sober mind. If you feel that alcohol has become a problem in your life, you might consider talking to a therapist or joining a sober and curious support group to get other people's perspectives. Sobertown Blog articles and recordings are created as a means to help others achieve and maintain sobriety and freedom from alcohol. Thus changing your emotional responses to be in line with God's will and word, as you exercise a sober mind.

The information on this site and in the Soberful programs is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace any advice from a healthcare professional. The more weight (information, knowledge and support) the sober end has means that eventually his sobriety will take root. You may be curious if you've never tried to stop using alcohol before, but you want to try because you've noticed that you don't like the way you feel when you drink alcohol, or you've noticed some negative effects of alcohol on your physical health. The practice progresses, so when the next stressful situation occurs, repeat these 6 steps to have a sober mind.

Author of the books Why You Drink and How to Stop, Get Sober Get Free and Soberful (to be published by Sounds True), and co-host of the Soberful Podcast, Veronica has helped thousands of women not only recover from alcohol, but also transform their lives. But we can live abundantly and victoriously for the glory of God when we practice the following 6 steps to having a sober mind. For some people, sober curiosity may seem to reduce their alcohol consumption by a certain amount. Being “sober and curious” means you're interested in learning about sobriety and how it could benefit your mind and body.

Dweck mainly talks about his studies on students, this is very applicable to those of us who are planning the transition to a sober life. Many people stay sober for a month (such as people participating in dry January), and others may choose to stay sober for several months. You can choose to make certain exceptions for your own sober and curious trip, such as having a drink on a special occasion.